Timmendez Photo & Design

I really enjoy creating stuff.  I always strive to offer 100% of my ability to help creative projects be the best they can be. As a full time Content Creator ( a somewhat ambiguous title I know) my current role is a bit of a creative jack of all trades. Often finding me playing the role of Photographer, Director, Designer, Art Director, Animator and Video Editor. In other words,  I spend a lot of time in the adobe suite.

I'm Currently a part of the in-house creative team at Gallegos United, an advertising agency in Huntington Beach CA. My day to day consist of conceptualizing, art directing, and directing social media and digital content for clients like Got Milk, Xfinity, Chick Fil A, and South Norte Beer co.

In my free time I love spending time with my wife & family, taking photos, surfing & skateboarding as much as possible AND freelancing for the following clients WilshireQuiksilverFarm League FilmsThe Surfrider Foundation Dark Seas & Macgillivray Freeman Films

Feel free to reach out for inquires, collaborations, or just to say hey!

Thanks for stopping bye! 


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