As long as I can remember I've been all-in on shooting Hi-Jinx and dumb videos with my friends. It would only be fitting that I would find myself working in advertising years later. Below is a collection of one-offs that I’ve pitched and shot, designed or animated...mostly for social. Weird how the dumbest ideas seem to be the one Creative Directors love the most.

Endless Shreddd

My copywriter and I pitched this at my old agency more as a joke, and as a big fan of people like Joe Pease, who make fun animations in skateboarding. Well our CD bought it so we went out and shot and animated these for Bones Love Milk. Was actually really fun to shoot.

Xfinity - Soccer Tricks

If this looks like it was filmed with an iPhone, it's because it was. We were briefed on coming up with an engaging commercial to run on instagram stories showcasing an influencer sharing their talents on Xfinity's expansive network.

Got Milk?

Over the years working at “Got Milk’s’ ad agency I was apart of creating a fair amount of content for the brands social channels. A few examples include; Milk Moments In History, Milk Ghost Stories, Milk Minis Series, and a campaign where we turned a cat laser gif into an actual Ugly Sweater that we gave away to fans.

Role : Art Director, Content Creator

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