The following are collaborations I've been fortunate enough to be involved with; including a t-shirt collaboration with Billabong and artist Lucas Beaufort, a skateboarding film made alongside some friends, an Interview I did for Dark Seas and a few more images I took for them on various projects.

A few of my images used for some backgrounds for Billabong x Lucas Beufort collab tees 

 Dark Seas Interview

Short interview I did with Dark Seas in 2016. 

Dark Seas Lookbook

It's always awesome to see how my images end up being used in final iterations.  I thought I'd include a link to the Dark Seas lookbook that I shot in its final version on their website. 

Blog Post for Dark Seas 2016

After shooting for the Dark Seas look-book in Baja, we  wanted to extend the story so myself and fellow creatives  Lauren Beitel and Drew Martin shared additional photos from the trip along with some short write ups. 

Too Old Too Fat

In 2015 my friend Lance and a group of a dozen or so other of us old skateboarders made a skate film. It was amazingly fun and came out great, Lance Hakker did pretty much most filming/editing. Check it out!

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