Role: Producer

Client: Legacy Racing Team X Carvana

Art Director: Rachel Garozzo

Copywriter: Patrick Koelling

DP: Andrew Langdal

First AD: Vini Viti

Brand Manager: Makena Berchem

Production Company: In-house / Clutch Studios

A “paint scheme reveal” is a moment in motorsports where both brands & drivers reveal their newest vehicle paint design to the public. It’s a moment that is widely celebrated by fans. For the 2024 Daytona paint scheme reveal, Carvana wanted to kick off Jimmie Johnson's season by paying homage to his hero, racing legend Richard Petty. From this car design concept, the creative team went to work, unearthing archival NASCAR footage and significant moments from Jimmie's career. We then shot and interviewed Jimmie and his new car and turned it into a short piece that kicked off his 2024 season by paying homage to the greats that came before him. 

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